ConnectiviTree Announces Change in Roles Within Leadership Team

February 24, 2023, Ruggell, Liechtenstein: ConnectiviTree Corp. & ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG (“ConnectiviTree”) today announced a change in roles in its leadership team. Effective immediately, Dietrich Schwarzinger has assumed the role of Evangelist, Visionary and Co-Founder. Paul Cox adds the titles of President and CEO to his existing Chief Strategy Officer role. 

This change in roles will allow Mr. Schwarzinger to focus on key areas well suited to his skillset and for Mr. Cox to further support the growing ConnectiviTree team, customers and partners with focus on finance, strategy and growth, as the Company pursues its growth plans.

For Dietrich, as Evangelist, he will promote ConnectiviTree’s positive attributes to a wide audience, increasing the Company’s ecosystem base, working closely with the Company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Eugen Gebhard. As Visionary, his role is to ensure that the key attributes of the network design and services are met, working closely with the Company’s Chief Operating Officer, Graziano Stracquadanio. 

For Paul, taking on the President and CEO roles will leverage his prior experience in similar roles during the growth stage of numerous technology companies. 

“I am excited on the progress that the Company has made in the past year, key amongst that is the development of a strong team that is preparing for the substantial growth ahead. With this team in place, I can concentrate on my passion, ensuring the ConnectiviTree network is brought to reality and is used by many of the top telecom and data center partners that the team are pursuing”, said Dietrich Schwarzinger. 

“At this exciting time in the growth of the Company, I am proud to take over the roles of President and CEO and to lead this exceptional team in the next phase of growth. Dietrich and I are working together as the team pursues the roll out and growth of our greenfield data transport network, enabling for our alliance and channel partners, and their customers, a better European and then global network solution”, said Paul Cox. 

About ConnectiviTree 

ConnectiviTree (Europe) AG is an independent and neutral data transport network provider that has designed and is currently building a layer 1 and 2 fiber-based data transfer network solution for large Enterprise customers. The ConnectiviTree network design and specifications will support fast and secure data transport with capacities of up to 200 terabits between major cities, starting in Western Europe and is designed to be sold as NaaS, CaaS and SaaS (Network, Capacity and Spectrum as a Service) through channel partners: Telecoms (Data Carrier), System Integrators and Data Center Operators. ConnectiviTree’s network design, business model, and planned white label functionality, easy order and rapid provisioning creates a scalable and low-cost business opportunity for our channel partners to address the rapidly growing market for global transport of data for large Enterprise. To help capture demonstrated demand, ConnectiviTree plans to connect over 250 Points of Presence within Europe and beyond by 2025.

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