The ConnectiviTree Global Alliance partnership goes far beyond a traditional channel program and invites selected partners to cooperate at a much deeper level

ConnectiviTree Global Alliance Partners

ConnectiviTree welcomes its Alliance partners to its Trust–Share–Model that allows partners not only to interconnect networks but also to interconnect business models. Typical partners will have wide geographical coverage and access to enterprises to ensure global reach for ConnectiviTree and their Alliance partners. This global coverage is a key objective of the ConnectiviTree Global Alliance to enable all partners to offer their services on a worldwide scale, creating a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for Global Alliance partners, enterprise customers, and ConnectiviTree. 

Alliance Partners around the globe will collaborate to implement ‘Joint Projects’ and benefit from the ‘CTree Trust-Share Model’. This allows Global Alliance Partners to participate in and benefit from value chains that their existing service portfolios do not cover, unlocking revenue potentials and driving growth.


ConnectiviTree Global Alliance Map