ConnectiviTree has created a Partner Ecosystem that creates a scalable and low-cost business opportunity for channel partners to address the rapidly growing market for global transport of data for large Enterprise:

CTree Partner Ecosystem

CTree Partner Ecosystem is comprised of Service, Technology, Fiber, Co-location, Alliance, and Channel Partners. Every ecosystem partner delivers what they are best at delivering and contributing. 

CTree Connect

CTree Connect is the ‘ConnectiviTree Channel Partner Program’ to enable Enterprises to consume international services from CTree through Channel Partners (since CTree does not sell directly to enterprises). Channel Partners are a part of the ‘CTree Partner Ecosystem’. 

CTree Alliance

CTree Alliance is the ‘CTree Global Alliance Program’ based on a commercial win-win-win Model for our Alliance Partners comprising an open book policy, whereas Alliance Partners around the globe join to implement ‘Joint Projects’ and benefit from the ‘CTree Trust-Share-Profit Model’ (TSP). And it allows Alliance Partners to participate in and benefit from value chains that their existing service portfolios do not cover, unlocking revenue potentials and driving growth.

CTree Trust-Share Model

CTree Trust-Share Model is the business model utilized within the ‘CTree Global Alliance Program’ where revenue shall be shared based on accrued costs, margin contribution and level of engagement of each party across the value chain.